Is Your Front Door a Gateway to Energy Loss?

By John Voket


October is Energy Awareness Month, so I went looking for specific ways homeowners could reduce soaring energy bills. The experts at Therma-Tru ( reached out with their perspective, advising homeowners to evaluate their exterior doors, which could provide a major gateway to energy losses, or savings.

Brad Johnson, a VP with Therma-Tru Corp says leaking air through older entry doors and inefficient insulation within the door itself can increase heating and cooling bills.

October is an ideal time each year to evaluate the doors in the home, conduct minor maintenance and make a determination if any door needs to be replaced.

Johnson reports that most homeowners can get years of service from their front door, but, just like all major items in the home, it will eventually need to be replaced.

And he offers these easy tips on how to evaluate the main entry door and determine when it's time to consider a door replacement:

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